Rebates to conserve water and money in Burbank

January 2, 2014 by  

Burbank residents tired of the expense and work of caring for a lawn may find the optimum time to re-landscape their yard is at hand.

The Burbank City Council has voted to double the rebate given to homeowners who replace their grass with drought-tolerant plants. Formerly, households were given $1 per square foot, but the amount has now been raised to $2 and has been expanded to include side and backyards.

In addition to the rebate, homeowners will enjoy significant savings on their water bill. According to Joe Flores of Burbank Water and Power, landscape irrigation usually accounts for 50% of water usage in single-family households. By careful choosing replacement plants for their yard, property owners can realize between 15 and 25 percent saving monthly on their water bill.

Half of the money to be used for the rebates will come from Burbank Water and Power, with the rest being supplied by the Metropolitan Water District. Due to increase in both rates and area covered, the utilities are anticipating greater participation and have set aside $75,000 for the program. The original rebate program started a year ago, and 30 homes have made the transition to a water conserving yard while an additional 15 have started but not finished the process.

Burbank Water and Power will be offering “how-to” workshops for those who wish to learn how to take advantage of the rebate. The next workshop will be held on January 11 from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon. Interested homeowners will find numerous organizations that provide information on drought resistant plants via their annual catalog printing.