Professional Development Workshops Taking Place Soon

April 29, 2012 by  

With workshops like “How to Use QuickBooks” and “Developing Emotional Intelligence” coming up on the horizon, Burbank-based business owners and entrepreneurs in general will have a few chances to develop their professional skills a little bit more.

No matter what a company’s target demographic or product is, accurate accounting is an absolute necessity. Going beyond tax purposes and the rest of the issues associated with that, it’s important for an administration to know where its money is going for the sake of making financially prudent decisions both in the present and in the future.

As far as applications go, QuickBooks is easily one of the most useful accounting softwares available on the market. The program’s combination of customizability and practicality serve to ensure that buyers can enjoy the best of both worlds where their accounting is concerned. Taking place May 3rd, this is an event that Burbank professionals would do well to consider.

Although it’s been listed under the category of Personal Development, “Developing Emotional Intelligence” is another event that’s worth attending because the information it contains is the type that can be applied to a large number of professional situations. Whether debating what concept to use with that upcoming poster printing campaign or attempting to wine and dine that dream client, taking the time to gain Emotional Intelligence can be a huge difference maker. Being held on the 9th, this is another workshop entrepreneurs and other individuals should keep an eye on.

With group discounts and online registration available for both, Burbank professionals can sign up whenever it’s convenient.