Johnny Carson Park project given the go ahead by Burbank City Council

July 9, 2013 by  

The Johnny Carson Park project has finally been given the green light by Burbank City Council. The plans for upgrades to the park include restoration of a natural streambed and the treatment of urban runoff in the local area, rather than it draining into the Los Angeles River. The vote to decide whether the project should go ahead was in favor by 4-1. Emily Gabel-Luddy, the Mayor of Burbank, spoke of the sustainable design of the park and the rethinking of how to use natural resources to work with nature.

The council decided that the balance of the project would be funded by the Youth Endowment Services Fund. As the exercise zones and the children’s play areas are to be renovated, the council believes that the money will be well spent.

The initial estimates of costs were around $5m. Grants have been confirmed by California Natural Resources Agency, which has pledged $1.788m, while state grants of $283,630 have been received. Dr. David Gordon, the Vice President, objected to the funding of the project, believing that the projected cost may be more than is actually required. He also pointed out that there would be a lack of parking facilities close by the park. However, according to the Mayor of Burbank, most people who will use the park will walk there rather than drive.

Construction will hopefully commence in Spring 2014, while local brochure printers will include details of renovations so that the public know how the money has been spent – particularly the sustainable methods.