Business Connection Luncheon being hosted July 12th

July 3, 2012 by  

Local printing companies are a resource worth looking into this month, with a Business Connection Luncheon coming up, along with one of the biggest Business Expos of the year.

For Burbank-based professionals, things start getting interesting on July 12 with the next Business Connection Luncheon. Put together with the express purpose of making sure members of the business community get a fair chance to interact with one another, this is not just any networking event. Beyond the business card printing that pretty much all attendees will have to order, these luncheons also allow for sponsorships and displays. For this reason, Brochure Printers will almost certainly be needed to provide printing services like poster printing and flyer printing among others.

Between the 25-second introductions and the interesting presentation being given by the guest speaker, there is quite a bit to look forward to with this one.

The other event that Burbank professionals stand to gain from participating in is none other than “LA’s Largest Mixer.” Being held July 19 with a start time of 5:00 pm and an anticipated conclusion of around 9:00 pm, this is as good an opportunity as any to find prospective clients as well as potential business partners. The sheer number of display booths that will be visible inside the Shrine Auditorium will confirm the fact that a broad range of industries are going to be present throughout the evening. With an incredibly high turnout expected for the Business Expo, company representatives can clearly get a lot done here.