Burbank vending machines sell caviar

December 13, 2012 by  

Malls in the Los Angeles area have become even more exclusive, with the introduction of machines that supply customers with caviar and other high-end foods. Burbank, California is just one of the areas where wealthy customers can purchase caviar or escargot.

Although vending machines are not a new concept, shoppers generally expect to discover items like Diet Coke or Cheetos. The creator of the exclusive vending machines is Beverley Hills Caviar’s Kelly Stern, who states that it is targeting people who have very little time, but have money.

The company has vending machines in Burbank Town Center, Westfield Topanga, and Westfield Century City. The caviar supplied in the vending machines varies in price, with Wasabi Tobiko Caviar at $10 for two ounces to Imperial River Beluga Caviar at $500 for just one ounce.

According to Stern, the prices charged at the vending machines are wholesale and are the same prices that would be charged to a restaurant. It would appear that vending machines for high-end food and drink are becoming increasingly popular, as Ugo Italian Café also provides vending machines which sell wine. A person can make sure of their wine selection by placing their glass in the machine for a one-ounce wine taster. Beverley Hills store Sprinkles supplies cupcakes by vending machine, so a person can enjoy three courses from a machine.

Local printers may benefit from the new craze for vending machines, as its poster printing services may be used to promote locations for the suppliers of fine food.