Burbank to have a brush with art

September 2, 2012 by  

Set to take place in a couple of months, The Downtown Burbank Arts Festival will be presented by West Coast Artists and is a two-day outdoor celebration of art, taking place right here in the heart of Burbank.

With over 100 exhibitors anticipated, this event is a major attraction for residents and visitors from all over the region. Attendance generally exceeds 20,000 attendees.

This year, several new artists are expected to participate in bringing new works of art to the event. The festival spans several blocks with artists featuring paintings, ceramics, jewelry, sculptures, photography, fine glass, and woodwork. Workshops and free art demonstrations are all part of the festival too, with live entertainment also to be featured.

Street painting is a central attraction at the festival and is essentially the act of creating art on paved surfaces using chalk and soft pastels. Known as Madonarii in the art circles, it dates back to the Italian Renaissance period when images of Madonna were frequently created. Today, street painters are talented in painting a wide variety of images and subjects. Finished pieces will be available for viewing Sunday afternoon.

Festivals of this type usually keep print companies very busy in handling such requirements as banner, poster, and flyer printing. Printed materials such as these are often a necessity for promoting and merchandising citywide events. Banners, for example, are highly visible and effective in attracting people to designated areas.

The festival has been scheduled for November 3 – 4. More information about this event, along with vendor applications, is available at the website or by calling the Burbank Chamber of Commerce.