Burbank people play part in animal fundraiser

October 23, 2013 by  

The organization Actors and Others for Animals recently produced a spoof of the movie ‘Best in Show’, a hit production that reached our screens back in 2000.

The movie was shown at the yearly fundraiser, Celebration of Caring, which took place at the Universal Hilton Hotel and Towers during the last weekend of September. The original stars of the movie, Jim Piddock and Fred Willard, acted as commentators as the organization held a ‘best in show’ competition. Celebrities and their pets competed against each other, with video sketches and comedy.

Supporters of the organization arrived from all over California, including Burbank. The attendance of Burbank residents, including the Burbank Jaycees, Michael Stern, and Steve Bluestein, helped make the annual fundraiser a draw to local attendees.

The Betty White Inspirational Award was won by the Search Dog Foundation, while Bonnie Garner and Kathleen Riordan won the Award of Caring.

Actors and Others for Animals was launched in 1971 to subsidize medical treatment for pets whose owners are on a low income. The organization also provides spaying and neutering for animals and has helped over half a million animals during the last 42 years. The money raised from the annual event will be used to provide care and protection for pets, along with continuing the SpayCalifornia program, which is a low-cost service to spay and neuter animals.

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