An ‘app’ for that coming to Burbank

December 30, 2013 by  

A recent announcement by NeoHydro Technologies Corp means businesses here may be able to enjoy a high tech addition to their marketing strategy. The company revealed the planned expansion into Burbank of their Epoxy mobile application.

Epoxy has already added its first Burbank business, Philly Authentic Cheesesteak & Hoagie. Dave Gasparine, company CEO, said the company considers California its best option for expansion of the Epoxy mobile app. The demographics here in Burbank area are of particular importance due to the vast number of businesses that make perfect candidates for the app.

The company is taking a two-pronged approach; on the one hand, it will continually be targeting large franchises such as those that deal in coffee or pizzas. However, because those larger franchises take longer to negotiate, they will also be moving into the smaller less densely populated chains and individual business as well. In this way, a revenue stream can be more quickly established.

The Epoxy mobile app was developed by Couponz, Inc. and designed as a marketing tool that enables customers to keep track of loyalty points and awards on their iOS, iPhone, or Android. Additionally, the opportunity to easily review a business and share information about the business with friends is provided. On the business’ end, they have the ability to share offers and special events through the app.

Although apps have become a key part of many marketing plans, they are not likely to eliminate the need for printing services and the brochures and flyers they supply. Successful businesses embrace the new without eliminating the tried and true methods.