Local brewery finds unlikely competition winners

June 28, 2013 by  

A well-known brewery based just a few miles from Brea, California is about to welcome a new brew from a pair of craft beer makers in Denver, Colorado who triumphed in a recent contest.

Placentia-based ‘The Bruery’ is about to introduce Night Ryder to its artillery after it was selected from about 200 homebrewed entries into its Batch No. 1000 competition.

Nobody was more surprised to be accepted by The Bruery than Bryan Keas, co-brewer of the black rye beer along with his friend Brian Pramov. Keas did not expect the pair’s offering to be to the liking of the Californian brewery, given that our state is known for its attention to beers rich in hops. He said:

“[Pramov] entered our beers and I thought, ‘Whatever, probably no chance.’ California is really well known for hoppy beers. How are a couple of guys from Denver going to compete with those guys? It was like taking one away from the California guys. We can compete with the big boys in the homebrew world.”

Keas and Pramov will visit The Bruery in July to start brewing the batch of Night Ryder, with the owners of the venue on hand to offer their professional assistance and make sure that the Indian pale ale satisfies the taste buds of their customers as much as it did their own.

It will not be the only one of Keas’ creations to feature at The Bruery, however, with his Cinnamon Toast Crunch Beer also tickling the fancy of Patrick Rue, who owns the company – all of which may mean that a new catalog printing order will be called for to promote The Bruery’s new range.