Brea schools look for technology funding

February 23, 2012 by  

The Brea school district is looking to extend a $27 million bond approved by Brea voters in 1999. The bond was initially approved through this year, and was earmarked to improve Brea schools.

The funding went to a number of different school programs, including new classrooms in public schools all over Brea. However, the bonds are set to expire in 2012 – leaving a lot of projects undone. The school board is hoping that by taking a new tack, they may be able to make the money stretch farther.

Fanning Elementary School launched a new electronic waste recycling program among parents and families in the school, and it was a roaring success – with minimal publicity, limiting their collection drive, the school raised over $700. With funding for increased publicity, banner and flyer printing, and local advertisements, the school district is hoping that the money from the bond renewal will stretch long beyond the life of the bonds and help fund the district for years to come.

In order to gauge public interest in extending the bonds, the district conducted a phone survey of 400 Brea residents to see whether the initiative had the potential to pass. Initial results show that the majority of residents support extending the bill in order to guarantee school funding and renovations, so it’s likely that the bill will be voted on sometime in 2012.

Brea schools are hoping that the money raised can be directed toward technological advancements such as new computers and printers for classrooms.