University of Berkeley participates in RecycleMania

March 12, 2013 by  

The University of Berkeley has recently taken part in RecycleMania, a program which encourages recycling.

In California, 11 schools are taking part in the program, with 523 schools throughout the country participating in total. Over 4.4 million students are taking part in the program, with almost one million staff and faculty members participating over the 47 U.S. states.

The national program lasts for eight weeks, with students taking part in organized activities and educational programs. According to the Associate Director of Facilities Management, Jenny Sorenson, the University of Redlands recycled 15,952 pounds of paper and other materials in just one month of the program, beating the University of California, University of Berkeley, and Cal Poly Pomona.

Sorenson also added that the University of Redlands had been placed in fifth place for paper recycling and achieved the best efforts for the minimization of waste category. The communications manager for University of Redlands, Patty Zurita, said that the students had been working hard to raise awareness among staff and students on campus, encouraging others to recycle. Students from local elementary schools were also included by the university students as they hosted a competition to create art work using recycled garbage.

All students taking part in the program have worked hard studying and also cleaning up the local environment. All states taking part will no doubt utilize local poster printing services so that students can promote the benefits of recycling on the environment. The national program will also be promoted annually to encourage colleges and universities to take part.