New logo for University of California revealed

January 10, 2013 by  

The University of California, Berkeley has introduced a new logo to be used in addition to the original seal.

The original Victorian seal has been in use for 144 years, so the university has introduced something which is more modern. The original seal depicts an open book with the date 1868 stamped and the script “Let there be light”. This will still be used on official documents from the university and president’s letters, but the new logo will feature on the website of the university and marketing materials. The new logo features a ‘U’ shaped as a shield with a small ‘C’ inside.

The new logo has been created by an in-house team as part of a revamp of the image of the university. The new logo has been designed to catch the eye of residents in California, politicians, and businesses to raise the profile of the university and, in turn, secure more revenue from the state and encourage fundraising. The logo is available in a number of colors and plays a huge role in the marketing campaign “Onward California”, which has the slogan:

“Whether you know it or not, the University of California, or a UC grad, has probably played a part in your day.”

The production of the marketing materials may have been outsourced to a reputable printing company to utilize its stationery printing skills. When asked about the new logo and the existing seal, students agreed that the new logo would reflect changing times, although most believe that the original seal should still be used on all documentation to represent the school.