Founder of Studio H speaks at Building Conference and Expo

February 8, 2013 by  

The founder of Studio H, a project launched in Berkeley, California, attended the Building Conference and Expo recently held at Morgantown so that he could provide information about his project to attendees.

Matthew Miller was one of the many speakers at the conference who were providing information about how to tackle buildings in a poor state of repair or how to increase energy efficiency, among other subjects. The Building Conference was held January 31 to February 2 at the Waterfront Place Hotel. Stationery used for the promotion of the event is likely to have been outsourced to local printing companies.

The aim of the conference is to help people produce greater energy efficiency in buildings around the country. Information was provided to cut the maintenance costs of buildings in the long term.

Large numbers of people from various backgrounds attended the conference, one of whom was Beckley resident Tom Hughes, who has a business dealing with home heating systems. Hughes was interested in the information given about energy conservation, stating that saving energy means saving money. Bill Dotson is the executive director of Huntington Housing Authority and is working on a project to clean up a local neighborhood. He was at the conference to gain ideas of how to make the neighborhood look better.

The Studio H project is a team that goes into schools and colleges to work with students, giving hands-on experience of how to do something practical for the community.