Cats and humans to hang out in West Oakland

February 26, 2014 by  

Berkeley students who have a passion for cats will no doubt want to visit the United States’ first cat cafe.

In the next few months Adam Myatt, an Oakland musician who some refer to as the ‘Cat Man of West Oakland’ plans to open his Cat Town Café, where a dozen cats will take up residence.

The kitties are supplied by feline rescue center Cat Town, which takes in cats with little hope of survival or adoption at an Oakland Animal Services’ shelter. The cats, which would live in the cafe, would be available for people to interact with for a specified period of time. The purpose of the cafe is, according to Myatt, to find permanent homes for the animals.

Myatt is no stranger to cats; he started an organization called Hoodcats, through which calendars featuring his cat photographs were sold. Through Hoodcats, he became acquainted with Ann Dunn and her organization, Cat Town. Learning of cat cafes in Japan, he decided to open one here.

Linking up with Pet Food Express, a local business that has agreed to pay the cafe’s rent, Myatt is also hoping to raise funds through crowdfunding. Raise funds, as well as informing the public about what can be done to humanely reduce the homeless cat population can be done is the type of endeavor that is most effectively accomplished with the help of printing services.