Cal Day at Berkeley to offer free education and fun

April 2, 2014 by  

Berkeley parents looking for a low -cost outing for their youngsters should clear a space in their calendars later this month.

Cal Day at UC Berkeley will include entrance to the Lawrence Hall of Science free of charge. Once inside, budding little scientists might not know where to look first.

The littlest kids will love the Hall’s featured exhibit, Xtreme BUGS. More than 100 gigantic bugs, some of which are animatronic, will fascinate children while educating them about the impact insects have on our lives. Once they have seen the big bugs, they can move on to the normal sized arthropods who make their home in the Hall. Investigate Animals provides information on a wide range of animals and, in the Animal Discovery Room, children can even hold or touch gentle animals.

Future astronomers can drop-in and enjoy Explore the Universe at the Hall’s Planetarium or visualize real-time Earth and planetary data sets with Science On a Sphere. Invent and Engineer introduces kids to the fascination of building and the physics involved. The group holds engineering challenges each month in its Ingenuity Lab, and April’s challenge is ‘Structures’.

At the Discovery Corner Toy & Book Store the price of all items beginning with a B for Berkeley will be reduced by 10%. Children can relive their experiences at home, thanks to brochure and postcard printing supplied by printing companies.

It takes place on Saturday, April 12.