Berkeley music event reaches double figures

October 30, 2013 by  

The 10th anniversary of the Old Time Music Convention held in Berkeley last month saw a diverse mix of old and new musicians.

Suzy Thompson, the founder and director of the Berkeley event, enticed some of the world’s favorite old time musicians to play at the convention. Thompson also encourages the musicians to lend a hand at the local workshops and square dances.

One of the younger musicians who took part in the festival was Sammy Lind, a fiddler with Foghorn Stringband. Although Lind had joined an indie-punk band at the age of 12 and grew up to the sound of rock music, the social aspect of old time music sparked his interest. By the time Lind attended college, he said he had found a gathering for the old time music and fiddling. Foghorn Stringband was formed in 2000; a group which plays music he describes as “ass-kickin’ redneck”.

According to Lind, although the annual event is a family affair, it can get enjoyably rowdy. Although the 10th anniversary event was not changed too much, the 10 years was recognized by an eye-catching lineup. One veteran musician at the event was Dirk Powell, a Grammy-winning musician.

Although some of the younger audience had not heard of a number of the older acts, Thompson believes the bands are easy to get to like. The event was promoted well in advance so that people could secure their place at the convention. Local flyer printing services may have been used, as the most cost effective promotional tool.