Berkeley jazzes up its image

March 30, 2014 by  

Among our many claims to fame here in Berkeley, is that we can now add that we are the United States’ only independent music conservatory devoted to the performance and study of jazz that has accreditation.

The Jazzschool, which is now called the California Jazz Conservatory, received this last month from The National Association of Schools of Music.

The school will now consist of a four-year program leading to a Bachelor of Music degree specializing in jazz studies, as well as the Jazzschool Community Music School, a non-degree-granting academy. Berkeley native Benny Green is to serve as artist-in-residence for the conservatory’s 2014-15 academic year and will start accepting private instruction student this spring. Additionally, he will teach a course titled “The Language of Hard Bop” during the fall of 2014.

Susan Muscarella, the Jazzschool’s founder and president, announced that Conservatory will be able to admit overseas students, as well as participate in federal student loan programs. Moreover, having accreditation opens the door to student-exchange programs. Already, the school has established a partnership with the Portuguese University of Evor, which has had its own jazz program since 2009, as well an exchange partnership with Germany’s Hockschule für Osnabruck.

The Conservatory will enroll about 30 to 35 students per year. With its new name and recent accreditation, the school may need to contact its stationery printers to make changes to both its letterhead and its business card printing.