Vertical flight pioneers hold meeting

February 24, 2014 by  

The Twirly Birds, an organization of international helicopter pilots, have their annual membership meeting scheduled for tomorrow here in Anaheim.

Twirly Birds came into existence nearly 70 years ago. During the early years of vertical flight, the pioneering pilots would meet to share experiences and information. Many early names in aviation were past members such as Igor Sikorsky and Charles Lindberg. The group is purely for social interaction and has no political leanings. A newsletter is published several times a year and is funded by the small membership dues the group collects.

When organizations like the Twirly Birds have a meeting, ordering banner printing services can be a good way to advertise their existence to potential members, as well as help members find the location.
Qualifications for general membership include having flown solo within the last 20 years in a helicopter or other vertical lift aircraft. For more information on the levels of membership and their individual requirements, go to the Twirly Birds website. Members, and those who meet the qualification for general membership, are welcome to Twirly Birds’ annual meeting, although attendance is not a prerequisite for membership.

The membership meeting is being held in conjunction with the HAI Heli-Expo which takes place for more to this week. The meeting begins at 5:00 pm tomorrow and is being held at the Marquis Ballroom Northeast in the Anaheim Marriott.