Utility groups look to help consumers save money and energy

October 18, 2013 by  

Due to an agreement between Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) and Anaheim Public Utilities, folks in the area might be able to drive down their utility bills.

At the October 8 Anaheim City Council meeting, an agreement was approved between the council and SoCalGas. The two utility groups will be combining their efforts to help their residential and small business customers by offering programs designed to cut costs and save money.

It is anticipated that with Anaheim Public Utilities and SoCalGas working together, customers looking to reduce their total utility costs will find it easier to do so. The first joint programs will include the distribution of gas-saving information to the city’s current Small Business Program, an expansion of current weatherization programs to include whole-house improvements for qualifying low income consumers, and a new program aimed at the large food service industry in Anaheim.

Besides those programs offered in conjunction with SoCalGas, an additional 30 programs will be offered to reduce water and electricity usage. Print companies might provide a steady supply of energy saving brochures on a variety of topics for the utilities to provide to their customers. Among these topics are how to obtain a free energy assessment, solar energy incentives, and how to reduce air conditioning use with free shade trees.

Those utility customers who ask for and receive an audit will also be given free energy-efficient light bulbs and other items to reduce water and energy usage. Included in an energy audit is information pertaining to available incentives and rebates.