Upcoming summit to ward off the latest cyber danger

May 29, 2013 by  

The latest ‘leak’ in the online world that may have some companies concerned is the security risk presented by mobile devices in the workplace. Companies concerned about the cyber security risk inherent in this new and quickly changing technology should consider attending the SANS Institute’s Mobile Device Security Summit later this week here in Anaheim.

This is the second such summit that the SANS Institute has conducted. According to Kevin Johnson, SANS Senior Instructor:

“Numerous software and device types continue to make their way into organizations thus blurring the line between personal and professional device usage and exposing organizations to risks.”

The devices Mr. Johnson refers to include smartphones and tablets, which have become as ubiquitous in offices and other workplaces as they have everywhere else. If the subject matter sounds dry to some potential attendees, then perhaps sessions with such titles as ‘Social Zombies: Rise of the Mobile Dead’ might urge them to think otherwise.

The SANS Institute is an organization dedicated to cooperative research and education organization. It was established in 1989 and is considered the largest and most trusted source of information security training, offering over 50 courses on the subject.

The summit is to take place May 30 – 31. Those interested in attending should visit the SANS and be certain to contact their local print company for a fresh business card printing order, as this is likely to present an excellent opportunity for networking.