Three new screamers at Knott’s in 2013

November 8, 2012 by  

Knott’s Berry Farm, one of California’s oldest amusement parks, is adding three new rides for thrill seekers in 2013. The new rides will add to the total of 40 that Knott’s offers for children, tweens, and adults.

Located just outside of Anaheim’s west end, Knott’s Berry Farm Amusement Park began back in the 1950s when berry farmer Walter Knott opened a country fair during the summer, around the same time Walt Disney opened his amusement park less than 10 miles away. Last year 3.6 million tourists visited the park to enjoy many original rides in six themed areas.

The three new rides are aimed toward attracting the tween market. The Coast Rider, aka the Wild Mouse, will be a 52-foot high roller coaster with individual four-person cars that twist and turn on a 1,399-foot track. The Surfside Glider will feature vehicles that are suspended by cables, known as a flying scooter roller coaster, and riders control it with rudders. The third addition will be the Pacific Scrambler, a spinning style ride that will be reminiscent of Knott’s previous versions known as Whirlpool, Headspin, and Wilderness Scrambler.

All three rides will be found in the area formerly occupied by the Perilous Plunge, which had its last run at the end of last summer. New maps for Knott’s amusement park showing the location of the new rides will likely be available next year before the rides open. Printing companies can work with the owners and marketers to make a creative new layout and theme for the brochure printers, or revamp the existing design.