Technology and art come together at Siggraph 2013

August 6, 2013 by  

For those looking for the perfect gift for someone who has everything, one possible solution was on display at the Siggraph computer graphics convention held last week here in Anaheim. A demonstration of the technology used to make personalized manga comics was provided, perhaps providing an insight into the next new high-tech novelty gift.

The Siggraph conference is where some of the most highly regarded technical and creative people in the world come together to show what they have been working on. The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) sponsored the 2013 convention, and is a society dedicated to bringing together researchers, computing educators and other professionals to share and show off their projects.

A look at the animation category will give the average person an idea of the in-depth work that goes into today’s animation. Posters on show at the convention covered such specific interests as analyzing the movement of clothing so that this could be adapted into animators’ productions.

In addition to animation, there were exhibits to aid in education, such as one display showing how activity theory and interface design could improve the classroom experience for children with autism. The vast scope of the 40th Siggraph convention explains why 20,000 professionals gathered in Anaheim last week from five continents.

Being chosen for this conference is an honor that participants will no doubt want to include on their business cards, and perhaps they will even contact their stationery printers to include it there as well.