Targus purchases Sena Cases

November 2, 2012 by  

Targus, a maker of quality laptop cases and other products, recently purchased Sena Cases, another giant in the case manufacturing industry. When Targus, a 30-year-old company based in Anaheim, decided to expand its brand into the high-end phone case realm, it went with an established brand instead of starting from scratch. While Targus is best known for its tablet and laptop cases, Sena Cases – also a California company – specializes in premium quality phone cases. Most recently, Sena Cases produced a new line of folio, wallet and journal-style cases designed for the iPad mini.

When large companies such as Targus acquire another brand, catalog printing is often necessary to add the wide array of new products to existing catalogs. The numerous products produced by Sena Cases will now take their place in the company’s catalog right next to Targus’ other products. Companies often require flyer printing and other printing services to make changes to advertising and promotional material.

A Targus spokesman stated that Sena Cases would still operate under the Sena name, and the current CEOs of the phone case company will remain. The spokesman said that the primary purpose of acquiring Sena Cases was to assist Targus in attempts to expand into the phone accessory industry. Up until the purchase of Sena, Targus has primarily focused upon laptop bags and tablet bags. With the purchase of Sena Cases, however, the company will be able to offer a broader range of products to reach out to a wider audience of consumers.