Rollen rolls out latest print technology

June 18, 2013 by  

One might naively assume that all that will ever be known about printing has long been discovered but, this would be wrong. The print industry just keeps growing and becoming more technologically advanced. Some of the latest innovations will be on display at the Finishing Technology Showcase over the next two days in Rollem International’s Anaheim, CA showroom.

Rollem International has spent over 80 years producing print machinery. Today, it services all areas of the printing industry with machinery that saves time while producing the highest quality printed materials. Every local printing company, looking to save money while providing products with the slit, scoring and folding capabilities for which their customers are looking, will no doubt want to be there.

The more automated its printing machinery, the more cost efficiently a printing company can operate. This particular event will hone in on ascertaining the best off-line and in-line configuration, production systems capable of performing multiple processes in a single step, and crossover solutions enabling automation of post press production.

Of particular interest to those who provide printing services are those product finishing touches that most interest their clients. Included would be more affordable ways to enhance direct mail materials such as gluing, slitting, scoring, perforating folding, and adding scratch-offs. Additionally, new machinery and processes will be able to score, slit, and fold in-line greeting cards. Further solutions for the most cost efficient manner of collating, numbering, and card pack production will be available for perusing as well.