Police and advisors hold first meeting

November 19, 2013 by  

Last Thursday, more than 20 individuals representing their individual neighborhoods met with officials from the Anaheim Police Department (APD). It was the first of what is hoped will be many meetings designed to improve the ability of the police to answer the needs of each specific neighborhood in Anaheim.

The first meeting of the Chief’s Neighborhood Advisory Council began with introductions from both sides. Division commanders gave their names, a little personal information, and a summary of their departmental responsibilities. Council members introduced themselves and explained why they had accepted the responsibility of representing their neighborhoods.

It is hoped that the council meetings, which are to be held on the third Thursday of each month, will improve the APD’s efficiency. The meetings are timed to take place the night before each month’s Chief’s Advisory Board Meeting.

The police department has divided the city into four districts with 22 neighborhoods. Representatives in each one are active in their area, undergo a background check, and must complete the police department’s PACE (Public Awareness through Community Education) program.

Advisory councils and neighborhood watch programsare designed to improve a city’s ability to attract both business and new residents. Brochure printers will probably need to be consulted to update printed information about the Chief’s Neighborhood Advisory Council.

APD officials, while pleased with the turnout on Thursday night, are hoping to increase the council’s numbers. Any Anaheim resident interested in joining should email Lt. Alex Orozco, whose details can be found at Anaheim.net.