Goats perform fire prevention services for Anaheim

January 20, 2014 by  

The city of Anaheim has starting using a herd of goats to clear away overgrown brush around businesses and homes.

The goats eat away the brush that could fuel wild fires. The 100 goats cost about $5,000 a week to rent and can clear six acres in that time. Traditional methods of brush removal would cost three times as much.

The goats, which are an environmentally friendly option as well as a cost effective one, are efficient at clearing away brush. They are unperturbed by rugged, hilly terrain and will eat almost anything. As browsing animals, goats are able to consume a wide range of materials so there is little cause to worry about what they might find amid the brush.

Seeds cannot remain viable passing through a goat’s intestinal tract, thus removing present and possible future weeds from a fire prone area. Following three years of being cleared out annually by goats, the brush is permanently gone. Best of all the goats, being non-native themselves are inclined to eat the non-indigenous plants first leaving the less invasive domestic plants for last. The sheep are contained in pens with a dog for protection and then moved to a new location as needed.

Companies like Environmental Land Management, which provides goats for clearing brush and weeds, benefit from engaging brochure printers to help them educate the public on the benefits of what they are offering, and disseminate information to a demographic that might take an interest.