California on the move

July 9, 2013 by  

The letters C, A, L, I, F, O, R, N, I, and A were recently moved from here in Anaheim to the state capital.

The letters – each 11-foot high and made of concrete – were transported from their former home at Disneyland to a state fair warehouse and then to their final destination at the California Exposition and State Fair.

Moving the letters was no easy task; they weigh between 5,000 and 13,000 pounds each and were moved into place by crane. The letters, which formerly stood at the entrance to Disney’s Adventure Park, are now in front of the gates to Cal Expo. Moving 87,000 pounds of concrete is not a cheap endeavor; the $100,000 installation cost was primarily paid for by Golden 1 Credit Union.

The letters were donated by the Walt Disney Company to the non-profit Friends of the California State Fair in late 2012. A dedication ceremony is scheduled for July 11, at which time both Golden 1 and Disney will be publicly thanked. Metal support beams temporarily holding the letters will be removed and each letter, seated in concrete, will stand independently.

Before the letters could be moved to their final place of honor, engineering tests to ensure the soil at the site would support the weight were conducted. The moving was done by Butler Amusements, their next business card printing could include ‘moving California’, in addition to providing the rides and attractions for events across the state.

After the fair, which begins this Friday, July 12, and lasts through July 28, LED lights will be installed into the ground by SMUD to provide illumination of the sign at night.