Blazing a trail for Chinese visitors

February 5, 2013 by  

The United States expects a big increase in tourism from China this year, and Anaheim, like the rest of Orange County, is working diligently to gain its share, as officials recently explained.

Gary Sherwin, Orange County Visitors Association chief executive, said:

“We really see the Chinese as the next big thing. We want Orange County to get a foothold in this emerging market.”

Brochure printers, using Chinese script, will no doubt be detailing all that is noteworthy of Anaheim and the surrounding area. Disneyland will doubtlessly be one of the main drawing cards to our region, but golf is an avid pastime of Chinese vacationers as well, and is far cheaper to play in the U.S. than in China.

While in 2011 there were barely half a million Chinese tourists who paid a visit to California, the first half of 2012 saw nearly double that number. The whole 2012 tourism numbers have not yet been released but they are expected to be around one million. The number of visitors for 2013 from China could easily double the previous year’s total. Furthermore, statistics for 2011 showed the average Chinese tourist spending $277 per day, compared to an average of $170 per day for other tourists. Considering that tourists visiting from China stay on average 10.6 nights, it is easy to see why convincing them to make Orange County their center of operations is so important to our local economy.

Orange County may be something of a mystery to some potential Chinese visitors, but the hope is that once they see what we have to offer, they will come in droves.