Anaheim back to the auction table

November 14, 2013 by  

Anaheim area residents who are in love with classic and collectible cars are sure to want to set aside time to attend the second annual Anaheim, California, Mecum Auction.

Each of the three days will see beautifully maintained and restored cars from each decade from the 1930s through 2000s up for auction, and there will also be classic and collectible motorcycles. In all, 750 vehicles will be on the auction block at this spectacular event from November 21 – 23.

Moreover, under the heading of road art, a wide selection of auto and garage related items can be found. Antique gas pumps, early Coca-Cola vending machines, gas station signs, and bulk oil cans are among the memorabilia for sale. Additionally there will be items not related to the automobile industry, such as an amusement park bumper car from 1953, several pinball machines, a penny fortune-telling machine, and even an English telephone booth.

The auction takes place at the Anaheim Convention Center, and sellers have between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm on November 19-20 to check in their vehicles. Gates are opened at 8:00 am on each day of the auction to preview items; Thursday’s sale starts at 1:00 npm, the auctions on Friday and Saturday begin at 10:00 am. One hour prior to vehicle auctions each day, road art auctions will take place.

Catalog printing services are often used to list the items to be sold, and is also common and valued by buyers. Frequently, a printed catalog listing of the item is kept along with the bill of sale.