Africa’s entry into the computer age discussed at B4B Conference

May 31, 2013 by  

As technology spreads, the world grows smaller and business opportunities increase for those who are ready to seize the moment. If the social enterprise U-TOUCH, has its way a whole continent will join the rest of the world in the cyber age. Local businesses may have profited from the plans U-TOUCH laid out at the B4B (Business4Better) Conference here in Anaheim earlier in the month.

There are tremendous business opportunities available in Africa, where less than 14% of the population has internet access. If U-TOUCH’s sustainable expansion plans come to fruition, increasingly larger portions of the continent will be joining the information technology age. As they do so, a large market, which the savvy businesses will want in on at the beginning, will surely open up.

According to U-TOUCH Founder and Executive Director, Deborah Plotkin, a large portion of the population of Africa is unable to access education, employment, and empowerment. However, some success has been attained in this area through training locals to work as outsourced data entry specialists, transcriptionists, and online computer repair technicians.

Local businesses who think their company could benefit from the outsourced services becoming available through U-TOUCH efforts were no doubt in attendance at the B4B Conference, perhaps bringing with them a supply of digital business cards. Those who feel they can market their own goods in an awakening African market may use the opportunity to gather information for that market to provide to local brochure printers.