Butler event to address financial planning for older adults

August 23, 2017 by  

A seminar that has been planned for Butler will teach those who take part how to protect themselves from taking too much of a financial hit if they have to pay for long term care in a nursing home or other facility.

The workshop, which has been organized by Heritage Elder Law and Estate Planning, and will cover a variety of issues related to paying for medical care for seniors. Those who attend will learn what steps they can take to protect their home and property from an estate recovery lien as well as information related to qualifying for Medicaid coverage. Time will also be spent of a discussion about how individuals can protect their life savings.

While the topics that will be addressed may be related to aging, younger people may also wish to participate, as there will be information provided about how they can make decisions today that can have a positive impact on their future. There will be no charge to participate, and everyone will be welcome. Presentation folders can be filled with information that may be helpful and distributed to the people who take part in an event like this.

The workshop has been planned for September 13th at the Butler office of Heritage Elder Law and estate Planning. More details about the afternoon’s activities can be found by contacting he organizer through its Facebook page.