Business Card Printing

Business cards are a vital piece of advertising and communication to anyone running their own business, and to staff employed in a managerial or higher role within a company. Normally only a few cards need to be carried for everyday use. However, if a person is attending a business function or exhibition then it is wise to invest in some high volume business card printing as there is nothing more embarrassing than not having a business card to give to a future business contact or potential lucrative customer.

Businesspeople carried cards on their person from as far back as the mid to late 19th century and they are, probably, a continuation of the visiting card that royalty and wealthy people used to announce their arrival and have been in use since around the 17th century in Europe and America. In the beginning they were simple printed business cards with black lettering on a white card, but they have evolved considerably over the years.

The printed business card essentially carries all the necessary information in order for the recipient to be able to contact the person or company named on the card. Therefore, in a relatively small space, the name of the person, the name of the company, address, telephone number, fax number and email as well as a company logo and website address need to be printed.

Business cards are generally made to the same dimensions so that they easily fit into pockets or single, or multiple sleeved, business card holders. They range from simple black on white card to luxury, high quality, color business card printing on fine quality card. Professional print companies produce high quality business cards using a process called offset printing with spot colors. To safeguard their spot color some business card printing companies have trademarked them as these colors are a valuable part of their company image, making them instantly recognized by people all over the world. Some examples are UPS, a package delivery company, and their brown spot color and the orange for Tide, a detergent company.

Digital printing, using a state of the art digital copier or press, along with batch printing, has made the price of printing full color business cards more cost effective. An embossed effect can now be cheaply produced using a process called thermography where a plastic powder that sticks to the wet ink is applied before the card goes through a heating unit that melts the plastic onto the card. A professional business card printing company can supply business cards with a laminated, UV glossy coating or a matt finish, to name a few of the many types of finishes available.

Several software packages are available together with online printing companies that can supply a modest number of business cards at very reasonable prices.

The reverse side of a business card is often blank but, in our global economic world, many companies and individuals have one side printed in English with the other side printed in the local language thus reducing the number of cards required.