Burnsville event to take athletic training to the next level

September 17, 2017 by  

Burnsville athletes who are interested in maximizing their performance may wish to save the date for an event that will help them to reach the peak of their athletic ability.

Each person who participates in the Reisen Fitness Athlete Camp will start out by completing a system of workouts. The results of their efforts will be recorded and then reviewed by experts in the field of physical training. Once their analysis of the individual’s workout methodology is complete, they will share the results with the person and make suggestions on any areas they feel could use some tweaking.

Along with the personalized workout assessment, those who take part will have an opportunity to sit in on lectures and other presentations on everything from warmups to mobility training. The event is open to anyone who would like to participate, and there is no minimum athletic level required. Booklet printing can be used to craft workout manuals and other materials for use during training activities and other athletic functions such as this.

Reisen Fitness will serve as the venue for the event, which will be held on the October 14 and 15 weekend. The fee to participate in the two-day function starts at $225 each, and everyone with an interest and desire to learn and improve is welcome.