Uber to deliver restaurant food in Burlington

January 28, 2018 by  

Residents of Burlington can now benefit from UberEATS, the standalone service for food delivery from Uber.

Meals from any restaurant on the app developed by Uber can now be delivered directly to those in Burlington and the immediate surrounding communities. There are 11 restaurants that have agreed to participate in the program, and all of them have said that their business has improved since the app was implemented as many people are ordering who would have not done so otherwise.

Owners of the restaurants have said that while the app will help them to reach out to new customers, there is a limitation of distance, as the quality of the food can decline if people live much beyond the town of Burlington or its adjacent communities.

Communications manager of Uber, Alix Anfang, said that there are protections built into the app so that there is a guarantee that the food will arrive in the same time as if it were being served in a restaurant. Only nearby restaurants will show up for the customer, all of them within their delivery zones, and Uber is encouraging restaurants to deliver the meals in insulated bags to keep the food warm.

Flyers are often used to inform people in the community of a new service and publicize the participants within it.