Burbank garden tour to showcase the benefits of going native 

March 3, 2018 by  

There are many benefits to using native plants in the home landscape, and Burbank residents have been offered an opportunity to be inspired to add them to their own garden plantings.

The Theodore Payne Native Plant Garden Tour will see green thumbs across the Los Angles region open their gardens to the public. During the two-day long event, they will make their properties accessible to those who are participating, giving them a chance to learn more bout native plants and provide advice about their care and culture.

The various gardens will have knowledgeable docents or horticultural designers on site, and, in some cases, the property owner will also be in attendance. They will be able to answer questions and give tips about how using plantings of species native to the area can benefit wildlife, offer ease of care and in many cases, be as attractive as introduced plant varieties.

Tickets holders will be able to access all the stops on the tour, which will be split into two days. They will each receive a printed guide as well as stickers they can wear to indicate they are part of the tour. An area printing services provider will be able to supply items such as these, along with signage and any other printer materials.

The Theodore Payne Native Plant Garden Tour has been scheduled for April 14th and 15th. Anyone who would like to find out more can do so on the organizer’s website.