Burbank area class will share secrets of sourdough starters

June 5, 2018 by  

An event showing how to make a great loaf of bread is on the way for the Burbank area, and everyone is welcome to come and find out how they can craft a loaf they can be proud of.

The participants in the class will be led through all the steps of making bread from scratch, and it will be a highly interactive experience. There are 12 spots available for newbie bakers, and the organizer noted that it will likely fill up fast.

The class will open with an introduction to flours and why wholegrain can be a healthful choice. After this, the students will learn about sourdough starters and how they can make and maintain their own. They will then mix, knead, and proof their own loaf, which will they can then have baked at home and made ready to enjoy.

Each person who plans on taking the class is asked to bring along a glass or metal bowl as well as a container to take the dough home in. Once the baking lesson is over, they will be served freshly baked bread and other refreshments. Stationery printers will be able to produce recipe books and other items to distribute during an event like this.

Los Angeles’ Food and Shelter will be the location for this introduction to the art of sourdough. More information is available on its event listing.