Festival to suit Boulder to a tea

July 3, 2017 by  

Tea lovers may wish to mark their calendars now for a Boulder event that will be devoted to all the forms of this popular aromatic beverage.

During the Rocky Mountain Tea Festival, The Dushanbe Teahouse will be hosting a variety of activities that will shine a spotlight on the drink. Workshops have been planned that will be facilitated by tea experts from around the world, and there will also be tastings and a chance to visit the tea bazar, where the public can browse and buy from a huge assortment of world teas.

Along with all of the above, a specially planned four-course tea dinner will be on the schedule. The kids can also come and join in the fun during the Teddy Bear Tea Party, and the whole event has been organized to offer those who participate lots of opportunities to socialize with others who share their love of this popular drink. A local printer can work with the organizers of a community function such as this to supply everything from T-shirts and other promotional products, to custom drinkware such as thermal tea mugs.

The Rocky Mountain Tea Festival will be arriving in Boulder’s Dushanbe Teahouse on July 29, and it will run for two days. Everyone is welcome, and additional details can be found by visiting the event’s website.