New affordable housing to come to downtown Beverly

June 23, 2017 by  

Ground was recently broken by Barnat Development on a new high-rise apartment complex in downtown Beverly, in front of the Beverly Depot commuter rail station.

The building will be six stories in height and have 67 units, 16 of which will be offered to middle-income households, so that the complex will be considered as 20%t affordable. There will also be retail space on the ground floor, which is scheduled to open next year.

Local and state officials, along with Governor Charlie Baker, praised the project not only because it took about a year to go from a concept to groundbreaking, but also because it required several entities at many levels to work together towards making the project a reality.

Mayor Michael Cahill and other city officials were also commended for their efforts to revitalize the downtown and help in its economic growth. Cahill added that Beverly also has other assets contributing to its success, in that it has an active arts community with two historic theaters downtown and is a coastal community.

As a transit-oriented development, the new project brings in customers for the restaurants, shops, and theaters in the heart of the downtown.

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