Grant recipients for the arts announced in Beverly

January 28, 2018 by  

Grants in the amount of $14,100 have recently been awarded by the Beverly Cultural Council (BCC) to support the humanities, arts, and interpretive sciences for this year.

The amount of the awards ranges from $350 to $1,500, and they have been given to 19 different artists. These artists and the programs to have received funds from the BCC will provide the general public with numerous cultural experiences and activities, seniors with creative workshops, and schoolchildren with unique educational opportunities.

Co-chairman of the Beverly Cultural Council, Savery Kelley, commented that the proposals for this year were very impressive. The grants will produce many creative programs and initiatives that will enrich the community of Beverly this year, she added.

Among the recipients for this year are Michele L’Heureux to create the Beverly Art Walk; Beverly Main Streets and the Beverly Arts District to produce the Spring Sculpture Show, Arts Fest Beverly, and Light Up!; the Cove Elementary School to produce The Geography Gameshow; and Elyse O’Connor to create Musical Visits for Seniors.

Online and paper applications for next year’s awards will become available on September 1, with the deadline for submission of October 16.

Print companies can be hired by organizations such as this one to inform the community of the available funds and how they can be used to promote the arts in the city.