Beverly becomes home to new bookstore

December 7, 2016 by  

Cabot Street Books & Cards recently opened in Beverly, after various issues postponed the opening of the store.

John Hugo, owner and operator of the store, said he was excited about being in Beverly as residents seemed to want a store for buying books and cards. The store is located in a section of the former Casa de Moda and is right next door to the Atomic Café. There is a door that connects the buildings so people can sip on their drinks while readings books, Hugo said.

Meg Wasmer, manager of the store, added that the connection to the café works well, as many people go between the two retail establishments.

Mayor Michael Cahill commented that Beverly Main Streets and planning director Aaron Clausen had been instrumental in getting the store up and running. The town has been very supportive and the neighborhood is a good one.

As the owner of an independent bookstore, Hugo, who has four other locations on the North Shore, said the feel of each store is shaped by the community. So far, he has received requests for graphic novels, perhaps due to the large college-age population in Beverly.

By creating flyers about the store, residents could come to know that Hugo is open to any requests people might have, as he can also get books to the store in a timely fashion.