Redevelopment to create office space and apartments

January 22, 2017 by  

Built in 1865, the Wilbur Mansion has long been a landmark for residents of Bethlehem. The neighboring Masonic Temple was built in 1925. The Bethlehem Planning Commission has backed plans for developers to renovate the mansion and tear down the temple.

The mansion, which was once owned by a railroad baron, will be turned into offices. The Gothic Revival home features Tiffany Glass and detailed woodwork. With likely a variety of businesses coming onto the site, it would be beneficial to team together with a local print company to obtain brochures, flyers and direct mail printing services to provide to customers.

The Masonic Temple will be torn down and replaced with an office building and an apartment building. The structure has fallen into disrepair with structural issues and mold and its owners were unable to restore it. Before the building closed, the temple was used as a site for meetings, banquets and even wedding receptions. The new building will contain 4500 square feet of office space and the apartment building will have 64 units and stand four stories high.

Both properties are located near the Hill-to-Hill Bridge that spans the Lehigh River and links the north and south sides of Bethlehem. The properties can be seen from the southern end of the bridge. Developer Robert Ashford announced that the project is slated to begin the in the summer with expected completion in 2018.