Lehigh University expanding into College of Health

November 5, 2016 by  

For students looking to venture into the health field, Lehigh College’s expansion, at the South Bethlehem campus, will help them down that path.

The college recently announced that it will create a College of Health and expand the science and research center with a new construction project.

The new construction will be situated on the Packer Campus and upgrades will be done across the campus.

Colleges rely partially on locals to fill classes to capacity, but more often those seats are filled by students outside the area and even out of state. With the current expansion plans, Lehigh College will likely work with a local print company to choose a direct mail printing approach to notify current and former students of the new program.

The expansion plans would increase the enrollment by just under 2,000 students, which would be a mixture of undergraduate and graduate students. The current enrollment at the college stands at approximately 7,000 students. The increase in students will also help increase job opportunities, as the college expects to add approximately 100 extra spots to its current faculty of about 500 professors.

The new initiative has been named the ‘Path to Prominence’ and the college expects that the path will take several years to implement. City officials are excited about the college’s growth, as they expect it will have a positive impact on the city’s South Side downtown area.