Workshop planned for the Bend gardening community

April 2, 2018 by  

An area’s climate can play a huge role in the types of plants that do well when planted there, and this topic will be explored in more depth during an upcoming Bend workshop.

The high desert climate and the challenges it can present to both the experienced and novice gardener alike will be discussed during the ‘Central Oregon Climate and How It Relates to Gardening’ session. It will be facilitated by OSU Associate Professor Amy Jo Detweiler, MS.

During the event, the attendees will learn how they can select plants and use techniques that will allow them to make the most of the climates and microclimates found in the area. The importance of precipitation, temperature, elevation, and soil type will all be discussed, and there will be details shared about the region’s USDA’s Hardiness Zones.

The participants will be able to ask any questions they might have, and there will be no cost to be included in this educational event. Brochure printing and other services for a learning opportunity like this can be sourced from a local print company.

The workshop, which will be hosted by Bend’s Tumalo Garden Market, has been scheduled to take place on May 5. Preregistration is required by those who are interested in taking part, and this can be done by visiting the session’s online event listing.