Flying Fortress scheduled to take flight in Bend

April 10, 2017 by  

The large B-17G aircraft was once on the cutting edge of aviation technology, and in Bend, people will have an opportunity to experience one of these Flying Fortress planes up close and personal.

The restored B-17 Flying Fortress Aluminum Overcast will be arriving in Bend, and the public is invited to come out and learn about both the aircraft and the men and women who flew, maintained, and served in them during the 1940s.

Those who would enjoy an even more in-depth experience can be on board when the plane takes to the air for short flight. Once it is in the air, participants will be able to walk through the bomber to find out for themselves what it might have been like to be a member of a bomber’s crew during the second world war. They can visit the bomb bay, radio room, and cockpit and learn about the duties of the tail gunner bombardier, pilot, waist gunner, and other members of the crew. Those who organize an activity like this can use poster printing to craft posters and other souvenirs that can be sold as fundraising items during the event.

The Aluminum Overcast will be in Bend from April 28 to 30 at the Bend Municipal Airport. Additional details, as well as an opportunity to purchase tickets, have been made available on the organizer’s website.