Bike rodeo and more planned for Bend 

May 2, 2017 by  

Residents of Bend are invited to come to an event that will combine disaster training with cycling, excitement and fun.

According to the organizers of the CARGo Bike Rodeo & Bend Disaster Relief Trials, the event has been planned around a scenario where there has been a disaster, and the only vehicles that are either left in operation or can navigate through the streets. They went on to say that in this sort of situation, bicycles that can carry cargo would be extremely important in getting supplies and relief to people who need it.

Participants will take to their electric bikes at Bend Electric Bikes after having been given a map that shows them a series of checkpoints they will need to reach so they can pick up and drop off supplies. There will be barriers to their path, such as water, rough terrain and more. The planers noted that the goal is to have fun while showing how bikes can roleplay a situation where other vehicles are not operational. Flyers can be placed throughout the community to promote an event such as this to anyone who may be interested.

There is no charge to participate in the day, but those who wish to ride the course will need to have either a cargo bike or one that is equipped with a trailer. It has been planned for June 3rd at Bend Electric Bikes. Additional details can be found on the event’s listing.