Bellerose invited to Native Peoples event

January 1, 2017 by  

An event to celebrate the first Americans’ cultures will be coming in February.

This will be part of a nationwide reunion of Native Americans and an opportunity for other residents to get a glimpse of the beauty and philosophy of Native cultures of the Iroquois, and Native People of the Great Plains, Southwest and Northeast. The event will include dance competition, traditional food, stories, and exhibitions.

The Heyna Second Son Singers will serenade Bellerose attendees as they enter the building.

Stories will be told by Santo Domingo Tewa, a Matoka Eagle, and various dances presented by the Northern Plains people will highlight the event. The traditional hoop dance will be performed by Marie Ponce, who is a member of the Cherokee Nation. Ciaran Little Eagle will be performing the Hopi Tribe Eagle Dance. Pictures of these performances would make for colorful calendars or subjects for future poster printing.

Evening performances will invite the audience to participate in a Friendship Dance and a Round Dance. Matinee audiences will also get to be part of a Contest Dance.

The Pow-Wow is scheduled for February 5 through February 14 at the Johnson Theater at the Theater for the New York, 155 First Avenue, New York City. Friday and Saturday performances will begin at 8:00 pm with matinees performances on Saturday and Sundays starting at 3:00 pm.