Baton Rouge transit system to undergo improvements

June 11, 2017 by  

Bill Deville, CEO of the Capital Area Transit System, (CATS) recently announced several initiatives designed to improve the bus system of Baton Rouge.

The plan is to spend over $1 million on an analysis the city’s bus system and a new transit hub, which was approved by the Board of Commissioners of CATS in April. About 80 percent of the project will be paid for by the federal government while a dedicated property tax from CATS will cover the other 20 percent. Construction is expected to begin in early 2019.

Deville is hoping that retailers will be attracted to the hub. Uber will be offering discounted rates for rides between selected bus stations as part of a partnership with CATS and Deville is also discussing a way to get bikes at the hub as part of the Baton Rouge bike share program.

Deville hopes that between the recent decision to buy 24 new buses and the dedicated tax that is designed to reduce wait times for buses from hours to 30 or 45 minutes will increase ridership on the bus system. Three electric buses will be purchased in the coming months.

The Capital Area Transit System might also benefit from the assistance of a Baton Rouge print company to produce materials such as posters or flyers to help explain the new initiatives to residents and encourage the use of public transportation.