Baraboo invited to weekend of relaxation

April 2, 2018 by  

Residents of Baraboo and the communities that surround it who are interested in bringing some relaxation and serenity into their lives will soon be welcomed to a retreat planned for Devil’s Lake State Park.

The weekend will include a variety of activities that will help encourage those who take part to connect with their inner sense of wellbeing. The guests will be able to take part in as many as they wish, and the food is included in the registration price.

The event will open on the Friday night with a check-in and sunset yoga followed by a campfire and snack. The next day, the participants will take part in a sunrise yoga, and after this, they can opt to go rock climbing or enjoy a myofascial release massage experience. Brunch will be served, and then there will be a discussion session, supper, and subset yoga.

The Sunday will be dedicated to yoga and a VIP kayaking trip, a seminar led by Jator Pierre, and other activities. There will then be an evening meal and closing, and all of the food served during the event will be vegan. Stationery printers can craft any forms that are required for this type of occasion.

The experience, which has been dubbed ‘Blue Jay Healing Retreat’, will be taking place starting on June 8th, and the price depends on which option is selected. More details can be fund by visiting the Salt Cave Worth Facebook page.