Baraboo event to celebrate North American cranes

June 13, 2017 by  

There are several species of cranes found in North America, and a festival that will be held in Baraboo will shine a spotlight on these large and graceful birds.

During the North American Cranes Festival, the public will be offered an opportunity to learn more about both the endangered whooping crane and the more common sandhill crane. Hosted by the international Crane Foundation, the event will give those who attend a chance to sit in on special talks as well as participate in family-friendly activities that will celebrate these birds and the role they play in their ecosystems and North American culture. The two species and their habitats will be discussed, and everyone is welcome.

Along with sandhill and whooping cranes, visitors will have an opportunity to view the 15 different species of these birds that can be found around the world. They will also be able to learn more about what the organization is doing to protect them and what steps they can take to help ensure their survival. Posters, brochures and other informational materials can be prepared by a local printer for distribution during an event like this.

The festival will take place at the International Cranes Foundation, which is located at E 11376 Shady Lane Road in Baraboo on July 1st. More information has been provided on its website.