Banner Printing

Banners are an excellent way to make an impact, to communicate a message, or publicize an event to other businesses or the public. They are effective and eye-catching, and are a cost effective way to advertise. Whether they are outdoors or indoors, banners have a natural movement that catches people’s attention.

Some printers specialize in banner printing and this is especially important if a large bespoke sized banner is required. There are many different types and sizes of banners and a professional banner printing company will be able to advise you on the right size and material for your requirements. These companies have invested heavily in high technology equipment and the finest quality inks and materials to ensure their products are of the best quality for their customers.

Banners are no longer just a sign that stretches from A to B with a message printed on it. There are many variants available, including:

• Roll Up Systems – portable, quick erect, anodized cassette, swivel feet and pole
• Pop Up Systems – portable, lightweight, flexible, quick erect, self-supporting aluminum structure
• Bowhead Systems – available in several sizes, hi-tensile aluminum pole, with weatherproof ground spike or base plate or stand for indoor/outdoor use
• Backdrops – versatile, lightweight and durable, indoor use,
• Building Wraps – striking outdoor display that completely covers one side of a building

These new banner printing systems have led to innovations in the materials used in modern banners and some of the most popular are:

• Backlit Banners – light from behind and suitable for indoor and outdoor use especially on billboards. Made from flexible, white translucent material that is ideal for luminescent graphics. It has low shrinkage and is flame retarded as well as tear and weather resistant.
• Canvas Banners – an indoor banner made from non-reflective material that can easily be transported.
• PVC Banners – these are digitally printed and provide an affordable and excellent tool to promote a business or event. For indoor or outdoor use, and consists of a nylon welded weave for added strength when used outdoors. They are double hemmed with eyelets and/or pole pockets for quick and easy hanging.
• Mesh Banners – Made from PVC Mesh that is lightweight, easy to handle, ultra strong material, outdoor use, withstands harsh weather conditions as it is perforated to allow wind to pass through which makes them safer in dangerous windy conditions.

The reputation of banner printing is important and personal recommendations are one of the best methods of finding a reliable and trustworthy printer. A professional firm of printers will not only have invested heavily in equipment and quality raw materials but will employ staff that are friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced. They will also ensure that all orders are completed correctly and on time, and have a good customer care service in place to ensure that their customers are completely satisfied.

Some examples of places where you find banner printing are in schools, hospitals, shopping malls, transport providers, sports stadiums, and museums are among the very long list of private and public businesses that all use banners to advertise.